About Andaiye

Andaiye is co-founder and international coordinator of Red Thread in Guyana. Begun in 1986 as a self-help income-generating group, it brings low-income women together despite often violent racial divides.  Red Thread is now a campaigning organization, with three immediate priorities: a living income for the poorest women and their families; protection and justice for women and children in violent situations; and the political visibility and voice of grassroots women—Indo- and Afro-Guyanese as well as Indigenous. Andaiye is the author of several key papers (soon to be anthologized) such as “The Valuing of Unwaged Work”, an analysis of the cost to women in the Caribbean of IMF policies.  In 1979, she was a founding member and leader of the Working People’s Alliance of Guyana along with historian Walter Rodney, author of How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, who was assassinated in 1980.  She is the Caribbean coordinator of Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike.  As a leading women’s activist in the English-speaking Caribbean, and with her extraordinary political background, organizing experience and gifts as an orator, she is much sought after as a speaker.  In 2007 she and Selma toured the US together to much acclaim.