• “Intellectually ambitious attempt to synthesize Marxism, feminism, and post-colonialism, not with the usual sellotaped hyphenations.”
    Jenny Turner, London Review of Books
  • “Selma James is a treasure, as this volume of riches makes clear. Pioneering analysis of ‘race-class-gender’. . . One of the key political thinkers and activists of our times.”
    Marcus Rediker, from the preface
  • “This book is not only an intellectual tour de force, it is the best how to organise manual I have ever read . . . The staggering breadth of James’ writing takes your breath away . . . practical how-to feminism from one of the outstanding thinkers of our time.” — Cary Gee, Tribune
  • “The final essay ‘Striving for Clarity and Influence’ is a fierce defence of CLR James’s political legacy against those who would see his achievements in purely literary terms. Fascinating.”
    Becky Gardiner, The Guardian
  • “Strong stuff . . . James has clearly walked the talk during six decades of activism.”
    Angela Cobbinah, Camden New Journal & West End Extra
  • “Rather than being dense and abstract, this book is inspiring because of James' ability to write plainly, incisively, and accessibly about complex ideas and complicated political moments.”
    Paul Kivel,

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